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About Us

At b new york, we believe less is more. We believe in clothing that is both modern and timeless. Clothing that lasts more than a season. That we have a responsibility to this gorgeous planet we call home. That you shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty for sustainability. We believe in living with intention.

b new york is a responsible and conscious brand. Rooted in sustainable and eco-friendly practices, we try to incorporate organic and recycled materials such as upcycled plastic bottles whenever possible which in turn helps reduce energy consumption, water usage and greenhouse gasses.

We pride ourselves on an ethical and conscious approach towards manufacturing and consider our clothes natural luxury. From recycled trim to new technologies, every day we are making strides towards sustainability where we can.

In today’s age of fast fashion and even faster lifestyles, we like our style slow and infinitely touchable. We believe that luxury is not a brand name. It is about sourcing the most responsible materials from around the world. It is about focusing on the details, the cut, and the touch.

At the end of the day, we believe that beauty is in the simple things around us. b new york is where beauty meets conscious living.


Our Guide to Conscious Living

1. Less is more
2. Take care of our planet
3. Live with intention
4. Stay curious
5. Cultivate listening
6. Give freely and often
7. Think before you say
8. Model behavior to all
9. Connect with others and yourself
10. Spend more time in nature


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